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    Established in 1951, Hunan XEMG Changsha Pump Works Co., Ltd. (Changsha Pump Factory) is engaged in developing and manufacturing pump products. Now, it is a Top 500 enterprise in both Chinese machinery and manufacturing industries. >>More..

    Pump exported to Iraq.
    Axial flow pump of 3.3m diameter inclined 15°(132ZXB-3) used in Fuzhou Kuiqi pump station.
    Mixed flow pump of 1.6m diameter used in Shanghai running water works.
    Large scale vertical mixed flow pump of 2.6m diameter used in Dongshen project of water supply reconstruction.
    Pump exported to Holland.
    Circulation water pump used in 600MW power station.

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    ADD: NO.522 Furong Road (M.) Changsha,Hunan,P.R.China
    TEL: 86-0731-2889999 POST CODE: 410015